Monday, January 31, 2005

Finally, The new PowerBook G4 ( Yes I know it's not the G5)

Today Apple has come out with a long awaited speed bump in the Powerbook line. Now the 12in powerbook is up to 1.5ghz where the 15" and 17" powerbooks are up to 1.67 ghz. Also you can put a 100gb hard drive in it and double the video memory from 64mb to 128mb. This speed increase is not to much unless you need the graphics processing ability to play games or render graphics. So i wouldn't go and buy this new laptop immediately. Especialy with the rumor or Powerbook G5's out in Q2(summer 2005).

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Playstation 3 playable at E3

Sony has hinted that the PS3 might be playable at the upcoming E3 in May. Micorosft has aslo "hinted" that they might have some demostration of the Xbox 2 at the upcoming E3.

Microsoft comes out with it's own spyware sweeper.

Yes, Microsoft had to get in the action and come out with its own spyware detection program. The program is still in Beta testing, but looks good. It has a good user interface that is easy to navigate, it also has frequent updates, and can run in real-time. It also helps you keep Internet Explorer free from unwanted toolbars and some pop-ups which leave spyware on your computer (Note that it only supports Internet Explorer). This is a very good free alternative to prevent spyware from talking over your system, but I would still keep a copy of Adware or Spybot on your computer.

Just in case you missed it above here is the link:
Microsoft Spyware Detector

Free browsers moving in on IE's territory

There are some new internet browsers on the block. The ones that I am mentioning in this article are free and are very good. First I would like to say that of all of these, I was most impressed with Mozilla Firefox. This browser had the best interface and easiest to use. It has tabbed browsing, ad blocking, capability for add-ons, and the list goes on. Another good browser is Opera, but I have not used it as much as Firefox. Opera also has tabbed browsing and a few other common features. With IE coming out with less improvements, and more security flaws ( did I mention that Opera and Firefox both have tremendously less security holes that IE) these alternative browsers may be moving in the right direction.

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New Cell chip will be used in Playstation 3

The new cell microproccesor that IBM has been developing will most likely be used in Sony's new Playstation 3. Some rumors have the Playstation 3 coming out in december of 2006 or a little before. The new cell processor will give the PS3 the ability to render alot better games. The Cell processor is made up of 9 differnt units, the centeral processor, and then 8 other auxilary processors (the video processor and memory along with some other proccsing units).

Free Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is out
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